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As a consumer of digital products in today’s 21st century, there is nothing more comforting and rewarding than entering a new product and having the solution be as simple and easy to understand as possible. There were approximately 15 000 SaaS companies incorporated in the year of 2020 alone. Let’s just say, we all feel a little bit lost…

We at tuto aim to help companies focus their efforts on creating simple and easy to understand SaaS products.

tuto began over a year ago when serial entrepreneurs Ohad Ronen and Tal Kedmi scrapped their retail based venture concept and were joined by Tom Brachel in which the group developed tuto as part of the 2021 TechStars cohort.

Pictured from Left to Right: Tal Kedmi (CBDO), Tom Brachel (CTO), Ohad Ronen (CEO)


tuto’s main focus is as result of the inability for SaaS companies to create the appropriate product knowledge, based on user proficiency and predictable needs. We develop the learning engine of the internet using IPT. IPT leads the product to success by giving companies a tool. Our tool creates the right knowledge for their customers, provide user insights and measures user product efficiency.


Welcome to the tuto blog! We, are so excited to share our journey with you via this new and exciting social medium. The tuto blog promises to be one that is informative, engaging and light and easy to read. The tuto blog is our way that we will keep you, the tuto family, constantly updated!

As the tuto blog progresses, we will constantly mention tuto keywords. The purpose of the first blog is to share what these words mean.


tuto is proud, excited and ready to share with the world its IPT (Intelligent Product Tutorial) technology. With the high levels of churn within SaaS companies, our IPT is a tool for users which helps them predict their customer needs through data driven tracking. Apart from our competitors, here at tuto, we help predict user mapping which is transferred into the proactive video IPT. Based on the created segmentation, knowledge, and need prediction, tuto builds for each given user their own learning journey. Hence, at tuto we transform ordinary users into power users all while measuring knowledge adoption and quality for the company.


Don Norman’s term ‘User Experience’ or UX created one of the most extensive sets of buzzwords for modern business. Ultimately, with the forefront of companies now being focused towards providing the user with the simplest experience possible, company focal points are geared towards the user. Therefore, most companies are placing both monetary and non-monetary efforts towards building an excellently designed interface for the user. All of these investments are redundant if the user does not know how to use the product.

tuto has inculcated the importance of good design and an easy GUI. But, we are shaking up the status quo by shifting the focus of SaaS companies to not only UX and UI but also to UT (User Training). We believe that regardless of whether or not a company has the best UX/UI, UT is crucial in maintaining low customer churn. Because of this, tuto has identified huge importance on User Training as a way to reduce the churn of $1.6 trillion for web-based companies. In order to understand how user training directly impacts customer churn, read the following: https://www.mimeo.com/blog/churn-customer-training-program/

Knowledge Engine

I am sure you are all thinking how excellent IPT and User Training must sound. You are probably also thinking how this is all possible?

The inner workings of tuto are as simple as two words – “Knowledge Engine”. Knowledge engine is the infrastructure of tuto’s user training for better product or platform adoption. Ultimately, knowledge engine understands the user on the most internal level, tuto can then automatically provide the best knowledge to the SaaS company. Our knowledge engine does not stop there! tuto platforms utilize this knowledge engine to provide the company the insights needed to optimize the quality of their current product training. Although this may sound confusing, the best way to learn is be doing! Schedule a demo here today:

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