Story Time: This Was Our First WTF Moment!

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What is a WTF Moment?

Our company is small. We are four people consisting of three co-founders and an extra developer. Our size is one of our greatest assets. We are nestled in the heart of Tel Aviv next to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in a co-working space. We are surrounded by startups and people of all kinds. One word that I as the tuto blogger love to use in description of tuto is – open. Frequently, the team at tuto sit together in the offices and each member discusses their current tasks, roles, and needs. The atmosphere is one of sharing and openness. When someone mentions or is doing something revolutionary, exciting and new we call this a “What The Fuck Moment” or a “WTF Moment” if we’re feeling a little more PG.

Current User Training Process

Throughout the tuto blog we have mentioned ad nauseam that tuto is in the field of UT or User Training. As a recap – the product training and user behavior research is a market that is projected to hit 80B USD by the year 2024. Within our field of User Training, the industry standard for User Training was approximately a 6-step process across a wide range of platforms. This strenuous process consists of:

1. Record Training

·  Recorded training would happen externally with an external company subscription such as the industry standard – Loom.

2. Download Training

·  When you download training data, you also need to store it(often on Excel and/or Google Sheets)

·  As with our previous blog post ( we discussed the importance of data. Downloaded training is simply “unleashed potential” and hence needs some form of analysis. This is not only time consuming but so too can be cost ineffective.

3. Upload of the training to video hosting

·  You would typically do this via Youtube or other video streaming sites.

4. Create Analytics

·  These analytics are often insufficient for any form of future road mapping.

·  User Training Analytics deems itself highly adverse in that it requires an external (and more often than none) paid service. The current industry analytics tool for User Training is that of Pendo.

5. Create the relevant page in your knowledge base

·  Once the analytics have been completed, a manual page to understand your knowledge base requires completion.

·  Each single page needs its own coding. This is not only time consuming but extremely difficult and often requires an extra developer leading to higher salary costs.

6. Hope user finds the training gap

·  These hopes are not only superficial, but so too do they often lead to poor results.

tuto Story

One group session at Techstars (, we as a team were sitting together and discussing the fascinating field of User Training and Knowledge Engines. In said session, we discussed the potential of the User Training market. We then shifted the conversation to how cumbersome the current User Training methodology is. We formulated a flow chart of the steps needed to properly train your users. Not only does it take large time investments to train one individual user but so too does it cost large capital investment. Our market validations found that on average, for a company to train their users on their given platform or product, they required use of five external products. We thought to ourselves – WTF! The insanity in terms of time, energy, cost and difficulty required in training users seemed to be beyond exorbitant. We needed a better solution.

Opposed to the previous usage of 6-steps on an average of five different platforms, this was our opportunity for us to make a real change. This was our first WTF moment!

Our first WTF Moment!

With tuto, User Training is as simple as a 1-step process. That step is – Record! With tuto’s knowledge engine, steps 2 until 5 (as seen above under Current User Training Process) have been placed into the tuto process and tuto software. Once you as a company record your users sessions, your downloading, uploading and analyzing of your user knowledge base is automatic. Finally, without tuto – you can never guarantee effective user training. But, with tuto and its analytic power, your user never has to find the right training solution for themselves. The training is embedded within the software and hence deeply embedded within your users. At tuto, we use a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform to do your User Training work 10X faster.

At tuto, when we started to build the world’s first knowledge engine for internet software, our goal was to save our companies, the tuto family, vital capital resources. We at tuto have proudly condensed the User Training process into one simple step of recording thanks to the above said WTF moment. The future is changing at more of a rapid pace than ever before seen and hence we need to constantly update and revise the way our users learn. Keep an eye out for our next blog titled: The Future of Learning.

At tuto, our openness allows us to discuss, elaborate and formulate ideas that are so bold and innovative. To date, we have experienced many a WTF moment and with the way tuto is looking, let’s just say our offices would be given an age restriction for language.

Till next time,

The tuto blogger.

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