Our Unique Approach to Competition: the tuto Difference!

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With the User Training market projected to reach a capitalization of $80 billion USD by the year 2024. It is no surprise that one could deem the space as ‘crowded’. With our previous blog posts we saw how the abundance of SaaS companies need a new way to teach/train their users. Our Future of Learning post highlighted the ways in which we as a company see future training. It provided our practical insights into the new and exciting ways in which we can leverage our knowledge for our users. But as with all good startup businesses, one thing will always be true and that one thing is – ‘You will always have a competitor!’. Competition in the competitive business environments is healthy and we see competition as not only an opportunity but so too as our shot to make even more of a change in the current field of operations.

Competition pushes us to new and exciting heights and allows us to thrive. Although arbitrary now, this blog post highlights why we love competition and how tuto leverages our competition in the process of us gaining what we love to call the tuto difference!

Why do we love competition?

As the tuto blogger, I am deeply embedded within the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and one tool that we, as SEO analysts love to use is that of blogs. Not only is a good blog informative but good blogs are relatable and are very much worth sharing. Enterprise League’s November 2nd blog for the year 2020 titled 5 primal reasons why is competition good for business was my inspiration for this very tuto blog post. Find the link to the mentioned blog here: https://enterpriseleague.com/blog/why-is-competition-good-for-business/ 

This blog so perfectly gives five reasons that we love competition and for this reason is so worth mentioning today! We will quickly go through these five reasons and, as always, add our own tuto element. After all, this is the tuto difference!

Online Visibility

For me, as the tuto blogger, this perhaps is the most important and prevalent of the blogs tips. SEO content is driven by keywords and is our way as marketers to understand the end users’ searches. Although this tool may not be relevant for the competition that we are thinking about. By understanding your competitors’ SEO strategy, you can develop for yourself a much better knowledge of your industry.


‘Without the competition, there wouldn’t be an incentive for specialization’ – As can be seen in the accompanying image of this blog post, our competitors each have their own specializations, these are inclusive of DAP (Digital Adaptation Platform), Tracking and Video. Specialization is the driving force that we as entrepreneurs and innovators use to create real time value for our customers. We have taken our power of specialization as being the ‘world’s first knowledge engine for internet software’ in our stride and this was possible due to our competitors. Their creations make us unique and provide us with the tuto difference.

Business Competition

‘Competition is what makes businesses grow and turn them into the best version of themselves’. Being an individual provider in a market of course has its advantages, one being the main advantage of monopolistic power. However, history has shown that monopolies are stuck in their ways and limited to growth. At tuto, we view business competition as a chance for us to expand and explore as opposed to being confined to one solution.

Comfort Zones

As with the previous point, when we as a company first started, our main objectives then were definitely not our exact objectives now. The startup scene is ever changing. Its fluidity requires a great level of flexibility that we are so proud to have. Without our competitors, we would still be stuck in our initial assumptions. Competition has allowed us to explore different alternatives. It has paved our way for development of new and exciting MVP’s (Minimum Viable Products). Our tuto difference is that we understand our market but so too understand surrounding markets. We are able to venture out and adapt in any possible way.


Business is not an exact science and in no way can it be seen that ‘one size fits all’. Entrepreneurs are dreamers and doers and at the heart of most startup businesses is the people. Of course profit motive is always involved. But the triple bottom line rings true in the ears of all business owners today. Startups are incorporated to solve a problem and at the root of the problem is people. Yes, we would love to have full market share but in no way is our product perfect for every person. Our competition keeps our industry alive and provides ways for us as a competitive community to satisfy the largest possible target market.

What is the tuto Difference?

We have just already established the ways that we, as tuto, welcome competition. We have highlighted the importance of competition. However, we are not naïve in how competition can destroy a business. At tuto, we are always striving to be the best and to become the leader in our field of User Training. We are constantly striving to find new, exciting and innovative solutions to tackle our issue and we are proud to be the world’s very first provider of knowledge engine for internet software. 

Look out for the next blog post where we will truly highlight what we as a company do differently. There, we will show the true power of the tuto difference.

Till Next Time,

The tuto blogger

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