How it works? Record  Track optimize 

Become more efficient by closing the content-adoption gap.

Step One: Record.

tuto captures voice and product data to map product flow in a video-like experience.

Click Create tuto

By clicking on create tuto, our system will open your account and allow you to record your product, voice, and camera so the tuto engine understands how users should use your product.

Step two: Track.

tuto matches the mapped product flows with the user’s activities. Providing insights, prediction, and identify unmapped product flow.


By tracking user activity, we automatically create for each user their own learning journey to become power users and provide valuable insight to the CSM in order to increase revenue.

Step three: Optimize.

Using our API, you can fully unlock tuto’s potential using deep product integration.

Click Create tuto

Based on the segmentation, knowledge, and need prediction, tuto builds for each given user his own learning journey. Developing him as a power user while measuring knowledge adoption and quality.