Our Three Competitor Categories: This is the Proven tuto difference!

For those that have not yet read our previous blog post titled Our Unique Approach to Competition: the tuto Difference!, there we discussed how we as tuto use competition as one of our most valuable advantages. Read our blog here:  To summarrize that post – we discussed how we see competition as super important […]

Our Unique Approach to Competition: the tuto Difference!

With the User Training market projected to reach a capitalization of $80 billion USD by the year 2024. It is no surprise that one could deem the space as ‘crowded’. With our previous blog posts we saw how the abundance of SaaS companies need a new way to teach/train their users. Our Future of Learning […]

Our Proven and Effective Approach to the Future of Learning

Digital transformation. We hear these two words on a daily basis, pertinently throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. In a first for the current living generations, the world stopped. As the world stopped and we all stayed home, our outlooks differed. We pivoted our thinking, our way of reasoning and learning and our world views. We had to transform, […]

Story Time: This Was Our First WTF Moment!

What is a WTF Moment? Our company is small. We are four people consisting of three co-founders and an extra developer. Our size is one of our greatest assets. We are nestled in the heart of Tel Aviv next to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in a co-working space. We are surrounded by startups and […]

7 Tips for Simple and Effective User Training

Four methodology points governed under three simple steps. At tuto, we help your company transform your users into ‘Power Users’ that are comfortable and efficient with your solution! Our key to this is User Training! Welcome back to the tuto blog. In our first blog, we mentioned a stream of words that tuto holds close […]

Welcome to the tuto blog!

As a consumer of digital products in today’s 21st century, there is nothing more comforting and rewarding than entering a new product and having the solution be as simple and easy to understand as possible. There were approximately 15 000 SaaS companies incorporated in the year of 2020 alone. Let’s just say, we all feel […]